Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Decorating on a Dime: Before and After Kitchen

It's been a few months now that I have been living in this cozy apartment.  The only complaint I had was the cabinets. I new it would be an easy fix but just needed to find the time and motivation. May, when I moved in, was not a good time, but this winter was perfect. In reality it was a really quick job and only took a few days. From start to finish it could have been done it two.

As with anything that I do, I try to keep everything on a tight budget. The cabinet makeover was very affordable. All I had to buy was 1 qt of primer, 2 qts of paint, and a can of spray primer and paint for the hardware.  There was no need to buy new hardware for this job, just a little makeover.

Here are the cabinets all primed up. Deciding the color was no easy task. First I was going to go with white since it is a rental and to keep it easy and neutral.  But then I thought, no way! I want some color and I know the landlords like a bit of color too. So I was going to go with Hosta from Martha Stewart. It is a nice color that I've helped a friend paint his living room with.  I agonized whether it went with the beige that is throughout the main apartment and once at Home Depot I changed my mind.

I picked up the paint sample under Martha Stewards colors for Milk Pail. I really liked it but new it would look different once I brought it home under different light. I decided to take the risk and bought a quart.  I went home, painted the cabinets and was worried the whole time that I didn't like it. It was freaking me out.

Then I remembered a photo from Lauren Liess's Pure Style Home blog and her kitchen that I loved so much. I highly recommend you check out her decorating skills. I was very thankful that she said what color she chose and it is Witch Hazel from Behr.

So back to the store I went to pick it up. Sure enough I loved it and was going to paint the top cabinets white to brighten the room up and do something different. In that process I started to like this color combo that I had going on. After texting photo's to my sister and freaking out over it with her she got me to keep what I had going on. Milk Pail on top Witch Hazel  on the bottom, and with a few red accents it all come together nicely.

After I threw the freshly painted hardware back on, it was instant happy. Check it out:

Originally the kitchen had one of those lazy susan's in the corner but it was broken.  It was such a waste of space so we removed it and I was left with a big open hole. It was great for storage, but to hide the clutter I whipped up a cute little curtain made of a mustard yellow that seemed to fit the scheme.  I bought 1 yd at Joann's on sale for a couple bucks.

Here you can see one of those racks from Ikea that I picked up, also on sale, for some added storage. The goods hanging were thriftstore/yardsale purchases, items passed from my grandmother, and a few of my own cups.

Here is one of those handy magnetic knife holders from Ikea and hanging on teh wall is a Seth Colter original that I got when we were living in Northern California at the same time.

Here is a picture of the kitchen table and chairs that I got super cheap. The table was $14 from the thrift store. It just needed a good scrub down. It is perfect for my space for it's size. It is a drop leaf table and can be made smaller.

Check out their makeover here.

The chairs were a free find at my mother's that she picked up at a yard sale. I reupholstered them with this great fabric that I got at the discount fabric store in Framingham, MA called Sewfisticated.

The lamp was a find in the return section of Ikea for $2.  The cord was purchased there too for $1. And there you have it, from blah, to beautiful.


  1. Liz I love what you've done to your apartment! Seems like you have plenty of space yet very cozy.

  2. I love the color of that cabinets, everything looks so great!

  3. I love what you have done with your kitchen. It looks so much better than when you started out. I love the counter tops! They are sleek and just heavenly looking. Thank you for posting.

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